Fahteim has performed throughout the United States, including engagements on cruise ships and performances on cable and network TV. Her love and commitment to the dance is evident in her efforts to motivate each dancer to their individual best. It has been said that "Fahtiem truly has a master's touch. The simplest movement is presented with incredible focused energy. The quality of Fahtiem's movements is what we all strive for." Her style is soulful and dynamic. Her movement expressive and clear. On stage her ability to reach and entertain an audience with warmth and humor is delightfully apparent. As a teacher Fahtiem conveys not only solid form and technique, but the subtle nuance that makes this dance magical.

Her awards and accolades include:
Gamal Dance Academy Award, Best Cabaret Dancer, Live Music - 2001
Awarded MECDA Award for "Outstanding Achievements in the Mid-East_Dance Arts" - 2003
Nominated "Teacher of the Year" International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance - 2003
Nominated "Teacher of the Year" Zaghareet - 2004
Awarded "Cabaret/Oriental Dancer of the Year" Zaghareet Magazine - 2004
Nominated "Lifetime Achievement" Zaghareet Magazine - 2005
Awarded "MECDA Hall of Fame" - 2006
Awarded "Lifetime Achievement" Zaghareet - 2008

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